Bagging Lists !!

Welsh 3000 footers .............................. 8 / 13

Wainwrights .......................................... 31/ 214

What I've been up to !

The new year has come and gone and Matthew just informed me that he has only 8 weeks of school left before he starts his GCSE exams, how time flies, nearly 16 and already thinking of his first car !!!

Not much activity recently due to the severe weather, a little laziness and shift work!! However I had some shifts cancelled and got out to the Lakes before the snow left us and what a great day it was.

Much is planned for the year, completing my Welsh 3000ft bagging and plenty more in the lakes based around the Wainwright list.

Onwards and upwards as they say !!

Walking in Wales

Until quite recently I had not done any serious walking in Wales but when I joined a walking forum it became obvious how popular it was. My view on Wales, and probably what put me off, was the constant rain forecasts over the mountains and most of my walking therefore took place in the Lakes. How surprised I was when I went into Wales on my first 3 walks and had sunshine !!!


The thing I like the most about Snowdonia in particular is the rocky nature of the mountains which gives easy access to lots of scrambling. This not only adds a thrill to the ascent, but gets a lot of the height out of the way quickly without the usual long slog to the top.

me on Crib Goch ridge

I enjoy big, tall walks anywhere as there is a personal challenge in getting to the summit of tall peaks, and the sense of achievement is so much more than a lower level walk however different scenery make all walks individually enjoyable. With this in mind, my walks are based around the Welsh 3000 ft peaks and fortunately they can be grouped together into day walks done over three or four trips. Some of these I have already done at the time of writing, and some trips are on my wish list for the coming year, but all will be revisited due to the sheer enjoyment I had on the walks.

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  1. I remember once going to Snowdonia for a whole week back in 1997. On the only decent day that started well i decided to do the Glyders. Once reaching "Fach", it was difficult to see all the geological features as deluge seemed to increase with ascent gained & had to abandon the idea of "Fawr". I remember ripping some waterproof trousers near Tryfan in the haste to get down. The weather was that bad that i spent most of the week on the train with a North wales rail rover.... how sad !!